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Best PS4 Games For Little Girls

Video gaming is something my wife and I have enjoyed from the time we started dating. It started with the first Nintendo Wii and continued through Sony Playstation 3and soon PS4 (find out why I chose the PS4 Pro over the PS4 here). Now, gaming is a family affair. Aaliyah is almost 5 and has begun to want to play mommy and daddy’s games. Since we are upgrading systems I have made a list of the best PS4 games for little girls. We have used similar games with our PS3 and they are the popular ones in our house. 

Best PS4 Games For Little Girls

 MX vs. ATV: Supercross Encore Edition – PlayStation 4

Racing Games For Girls

The first video game Aaliyah really started to enjoy was MX vs ATV. It’s an awesome starter game for kids. The game can be played in single and multiplayer modes.

The racing modes are far too advances for her, but she really enjoys the freeplay mode where she can race around the levels and do her own thing. She quickly mastered gas and breaks, though really, there’s no need for breaks with her. The only reason she needs the breaks button is to help her reverse and get unstuck sometimes.

The loading menu is also awesome as it lets you drive around in a different free mode. She does not get tired of the game either. There are many different race tracks (both indoor and outdoor) plus you can choose your vehicle. Choices include ATVs, motorcycles and monster trucks.

Little Big Planet – Kids Can Enjoy Too

 Little Big Planet 3 – PlayStation 4

Aaliyah has also greatly enjoyed playing Little Big Planet 3.

It is far more complicated and many levels are beyond her limited skills but she enjoys dressing up the sock people and running around.

She also has taken great enjoying from deliberately sending the sock people plunging off the screen.

It is a good game to help teach her different buttons with the controller. This game frustrates her more so than others but she also enjoys it quite a bit. The first few tutorials are perfect for her plus there are some mini games that she likes.

In Little Big Planet you are also able to decorate your ‘pod’ with stickers which she has a lot of fun with. My wife and I really enjoy this game so it is fun for the whole family.

The Sackboy character is really cute and you can get some toys to play with off screen:

 Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Video Game Starter Pack – PlayStation 4

Disney Infinity 2 – PS4

While the game itself is now discontinued, my daughter loves Disney Infinity. But do not worry you can still buy Disney Infinity 2 online. There is also a Disney Infinity 3 which is available.

It is a great, fairly low violence game. She enjoys exploring different worlds and seeing the different characters. Her favorites are Mater from Cars, Iron Man, Thor and Rapunzel.

Every character has their own special talents which also makes the game fun. This is one of the few games she will ask to play even when her mother and I don’t want to play. She understands how the system works and how to change characters when she wants to try someone new.

To get started with Disney Infinity you need to buy a starter kit which includes the game, base, game disc and a few characters. Once you purchase the starter kit you can buy solo characters to add to your collection. For Disney Infinity 2 the starter kits are: Star Wars, Marvel Super Heroes, and Merida and Stitch.

 NHL 17 – PlayStation 4

Hockey Is For Girls Too

Being a hardcore hockey fan, I had to let her try NHL 2015 too. She took to it well, though I had to make some rule modifications to make it more feasible for her to play. When we play, we play on the same team and there are no rules, no penalties, no fighting , no off sides. We skate around, pass the puck and try and score goals.

NHL 17 is the newest in this series.

It very easy to change the settings and makes for a fun game. We always play as the Ottawa Senators, because they are the best team in the world. Her words, not mine. *wink*

I also love playing hockey games with my daughter as we watch hockey games together. I am able to teach her the rules and she remembers for when we see them on tv.

 The LEGO Movie Videogame – PlayStation 4

Lego Video Games For Kids

The final game in my list isn’t just a game. Truly, any of the games in the Lego series, are kid friendly. We recently borrowed The Lego Movie Video Game from our local library (awesome, I know).

She recognized some of the scenes from the movie. But for her, it was more of just getting to walk around and be a Lego that was great. She enjoys taking something she enjoys playing with, and living it.

The Lego games are also another great example of video games that kids and adults can enjoy. My wife played Lego Harry Potter while she was pregnant. Maybe that is where Aaliyah gets her love of video games.

Looking for some great Lego video game options. Check these out below:


In our home, we try and limit our daughter’s screen time. But when she is in front of the TV, she enjoys gaming with mom and dad.

I grew up on video games from Super Mario Bros. and Duckhunt on original Nintendo through EA Sports games on PS1, PS2, PS3 and soon PS4, so I’m not surprised she likes to game too.

I’m glad we have found some games she can play with us that fit a five-year-old’s skillset and comfort zone.

Nothing too scary or violent!

Best PS4 Games For Little Girls


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