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Buckets Of Fun With Grossery Gang Mushy Slushie Playset

Mushy Slushie Grossery GangAaliyah likes Shopkins but never got obsessed with it like a lot of kids her age did. I thought maybe we missed the tiny toy train but I was wrong. If you have a kid who is not really into Shopkins but still loves tiny toys make sure you check out Grossery Gang. Grossery Gang toys are made by the same company as Shopkins and are very similar – except they are gross.

I have to admit I really like the Grossery Gang figures as well. They have great facial expressions and are squishier than other small plastic toys. If you are a Grossery Gang fan like we are you must get the Grossery Gang Mushy Slushie Playset.

In a hurry? >>> Grab the Grossery Gang Mushy Slushie Playset.

The Mushie Slushie Playset Is Just Too much Fun.

We had so many Grossery Gang toys around our house. We have bought a few Crusty Chocolate 2 packs, a Sticky Soda Can Pack and the Mushy Slushie Collector’s Cup. This added up to a lot of loose toys. Aaliyah and I had fun playing with them but the fun really started once we add the the Mushy Slushie playset.

Buckets Of Fun With Grossery Gang Mushy Slushie Playset

Want to see the playset in action? Check out the Mystery Box Monday episode below where we talk about all things gross.

Glitter GrosseriesExclusive Glitter Slushie Grosseries

The Mushy Slushie playset comes with two exclusive Grosseries: Rotten Raspberry and Grimey Lime. Aaliyah and I are both fans of neon and glitter so these alone were reason enough to buy the set.

Launch You Grosseries To The Moon (Or At Least The Big Slushie Cup)Rotten Raspberry

The playset is very interactive. Under the Rotten Raspberry sign, there is a slushie dispenser which doubles as a launcher. Place your grossery on the slushie and push down on the dispenser. When you release the grossery will launch into the air. With a little practice, you will be able to launch your figure into the big Mushy Slushie cup.

Pull The Lever And Watch What Happens

Once you load up your Slushie Cup with grosseries you can pull the lever and watch them tumble to the floor.

Grossery Gang StorageThe Mushy Slushie Playset Is Perfect For 1 Or 10

Play and display your Grossery Gang toys in this playset. The fridge holds quite a few grosseries in it. We display 6 in ours (3 on each row) but it can fit many more. The slushie containers above the fridge also hold one grossery each and spin.

Amazon Description:

  • This Mushy Slushie Machine Playset is refreshingly gross
  • This playset is the craziest way to play and display the Grossery Gang!
  • Crank the lever to launch your Grossery characters into the Slushie cup then pour yourself a big, gross combination of yuck!
  • Includes 2 exclusive Slushie Grosseries
  • Collect the grossest characters to hit the shelves. Over 150 to collect across 6 different really gross gangs. Contents: 1 Mushy Slushie collectors cup, 4 exclusive figures, 4 milk crate

Top Reasons Why Aaliyah Loves Her Grossery Gang Mushy Slushie Playset:

  • She loves to watch the grosseries fly
  • She feels proud when the grosseries launch into the cup
  • She likes to put the grosseries in the fridge
  • She likes that the characters are yucky and gross

Buckets Of Fun With Grossery Gang Mushy Slushie Playset

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