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Chatsters Interactive Doll Is Fun With Attitude

I cannot wait to share this Chatsters review with you. Aaliyah received her Gabby Chatsters Interactive doll for Christmas and it is still one of her favorite toys 6 months later. If your kids are like her you know what an accomplishment this is. She has even saved all of her accessories!

Chatsters Interactive Doll Is Fun With AttitudeGabby is an interactive doll which comes with 6 interactive accessories that can unlock special games and activities to play with Gabby. She also comes with 3 non-interactive hair accessories. These hair accessories makes it a lot of fun to play with and style her hot pink hair.

Chatsters Interactive Doll Is Fun With Attitude

Aaliyah loves playing with the Chatser doll. Gabby asks questions, play songs and dances. I will say that Gabby does have a healthy dose of attitude. I have had talks with Aaliyah about how Gabby is a ‘rude girl’ to curb any mimicking at home. The doll is intended for ages 5 and up. With this age group, I think other kids will be better able to distinguish between what Gabby says and what is appropriate at home (ie. please and thank you). I think her attitude is one of the reasons why Aaliyah loves this doll so much.

Some of the phrases Gabby says are:

  • I think we should hang.
  • How old are you? Wowsers that’s old … I’m kidding
  • Cupcakes are my favorite.
  • Do I look ah-mazing.
  • Boring!
  • Are you in the mood to boogie?
  • Shake it like me.
  • (when you take too long) I’m waiting.
  • Hilarious
  • Wowsers, somebody has bad breath.

As you can see these are not ‘bad’ phrases but with the absent of please and thank you and with the funky attitude, Aaliyah thinks she is hilarious.

Chatsters Interactive Doll Is Fun For Hours

Gabby says over 300 unique words & phrases and has over 25 games and activities. With many different games and sayings, there is always something different. This allows for extended play times.

When Gabby talks, her eyes come alive! They also light up in different colors. To play the games you interact with the Chatster doll by touching the yellow hearts on Gabby’s glasses where there are touch sensors. Tap on each corner to answer her questions, play games, or give her makeovers.

Chatsters Interactive Doll Is Fun With Attitude

Gabby Has A Friend And Can Be Bought Online

Gabby has a friend – Abby. They can be bought online on Amazon.

Top Reasons Why Aaliyah Loves Her Gabby Chatster Interactive Doll:

  • She is so chatty
  • She doesn’t say polite things
  • She has fun accessories
  • She is always different
  • She has bows so you can style her hair


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