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Disney Frozen Stuffed Dolls – Frozen Fever Elsa + Anna

Disney Frozen Stuffed Dolls - Frozen Fever Elsa + AnnaDoes your child have Frozen Fever like mine? Aaliyah loves all things Frozen. We listen to the soundtrack in the car, watch the movie on repeat and play with Disney Frozen toys. It is Frozen all the time. Did you know that there is a Frozen short – Frozen Fever? By including Frozen Fever into the mix it is not all “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” all of the time. Aaliyah was gifted these Disney Frozen stuffed dolls and they are pretty amazing.

In A Hurry?

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What Is Frozen Fever?Disney Frozen Stuffed Dolls - Frozen Fever Elsa and Anna

Frozen Fever is a cute animated short from Disney. It is only 8 minutes in length but it tells quite the story in that time frame. It is a sequel to the feature film Frozen. In Frozen Fever it is Anna’s birthday party which is given by a sick (she has a cold) Elsa with the help of Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf. Everytime Elsa sneezes she creates ‘snowglies’ which are very cute but mischievious tiny snowmen.

Disney Frozen Stuffed Dolls – Frozen Fever Elsa + Anna

If you are looking for a great present for your Frozen Fever addicted child I highly recommend these dolls. First, they are HUGE. At 20″ from head to toe they are about half the size of my 4-year-old. They are also made of a very soft plush which makes the super cuddly. Anna can sit up on her own but Elsa does need to be propped up. Neither can stand without assistance. These Elsa and Anna dolls are also very well priced. Right now on Amazon you can get them both for under $30. That is under $15 each! Before I looked at the price I was convinced each doll would be at least $40.

Disney Frozen Stuffed Dolls - Frozen Fever Elsa + Anna

Looking For More Frozen Fever Toys?

In Frozen Fever Elsa and Anna wear different outfits than in Frozen. Their springtime looks really break up the monotony of the other Frozen toys we have. Here are our top picks for other Disney Frozen Fever toys as they can be harder to find:

Why Aaliyah Loves Her Frozen Fever Stuffed Dolls:

  • They are very cuddly.
  • They are big and I can dance with them.
  • Anna is my favorite.
  • They can fly in the air. (They are lightweight and Aaliyah likes to throw them)
  • They can talk to each other. (The dolls do not talk but since there are two of them she can play with them together).

Disney Frozen Stuffed Dolls - Frozen Fever Elsa and Anna


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