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Disney Princess Cinderella Doll + Disney Cinderella Books

Disney Princess Cinderella Doll + Disney Cinderella BooksWe were gifted this Disney Princess Cinderella Doll last Christmas and it is still one of the best Cinderella dolls I have ever seen. Let me tell you why. The Disney Princess toddler doll is sturdy enough for regular play but also very easy to clean. This is super important especially when you have a 4-year-old who confuses the permanent markers with washable.

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Disney Princess Cinderella Doll

The Cinderella toddler doll that you see in the video below is not the exact same one you can get on Amazon right now. I could only find 2 more recent versions. I will tell you they look almost exactly the same as ours except the clothes are a bit different. The princess dress on the doll Aaliyah has is blue and sparkly. The ones available for purchase have pink or white accents.

I asked Aaliyah which one she prefers and she said she wanted them all :). The hot pink on the Cinderella dress may not be as true to the classic movie but does add an element of fun.

Why Choose The Disney Cinderella Toddler Doll Over Another Version?Disney Princess Cinderella Doll and Disney Cinderella Books

If you have a 2-6 year old I would really recommend the toddler Cinderella doll over another version. The reasoning is pretty clear: the toddler doll is made for little hands. She is easy to dress, is large enough to carry around and brush her hair. The shoes also come off and on pretty easily. They are also not side specific like in other dolls. This reduces a lot of frustrations that your little princess might have when playing dress up.

There are also other Disney Princesses available as toddler dolls. You can pick up all of your families favorites including Belle, Jasmin, Elsa, Anna, Ariel and Rapunzel just to name a few.

Start The Love Of Reading Early With Disney Cinderella Books

I grew up around a lot of books and that is something that I am am doing in our house with Aaliyah. We have bookshelves at her level filled with book which is helping to encourage a love for reading. Pairing a book to go a long with a child’s favorite toys is a great way to get them to read and also helps them to expand their imagination.

Disney Princess Cinderella Doll + Disney Cinderella Book

Small Space With No Room For Books?

You can buy many different types of Cinderella books on Amazon. They have a HUGE selection and most are available on Kindle as well. With Kindle unlimited you get unlimited books for less than $10 a month. It is also a great gift idea.

Some great Cinderella Books for small children. Click the image for more information.

Why Aaliyah Loves Her Cinderella Toddler Doll + Cinderella Book

  • She loves that she is a princess.
  • She loves that she is big and can be carried around.
  • She loves looking at the pictures in the book with the doll.
  • She loves that the doll looks like the girl in the book.


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