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Little Critter Toys For Your Young Reader

Little Critter Toys For Your Young ReaderI loved the Little Critter books when I was younger. Mercer Mayer’s classics such as Me and My Mom and All By Myself were well read. When I found out about Little Critter Toys and saw these Little Critter and Sister Critter stuffed animals I grabbed them. They had to be mine… I mean Aaliyah’s.

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Little Critter Toys

The Little Critter and Little Sister stuffed animals are a great size at 12″ tall. This makes them super cuddly for storytime or anytime. Their likeness to the characters in the book is impeccable. It really helps Aaliyah play with them and act out the books in real life.Little Critter Toys For Young Readers

Mercer Mayer Books

If you have never read a Mercer Mayer book before I would be shocked. With over 300 published books he is one of the most popular children’s authors. My personal favorite is I Was So Mad. Some of his most popular books are Just Me and My Dad, Just Me and My Mom and Just a Mess. The Little Critter book collection help children deal with real life issues and emotions. Aaliyah love Little Critter because he does the same things she does …. like eat cookies and get mad.

Do not miss the video of Aaliyah and I reading I Was So Mad below.

Where To Buy Little Critter Toys

I bought our Little Critter plush dolls at a second hand shop. I am not sure how much they were played with before we got our hands on them but they still look new. The construction is amazing and these are toys that you could pass down to other children or grandchildren.  I can tell you they are not easy to find. I did see some on Amazon. You will want to snag them before they are gone.

Little Critter Toys For Your Young Reader

There are two different Little Critter plush dolls. Little Critter and Sister Critter

The top reasons why Aaliyah loves her Little Critter toys:

  • She can sleep with them.
  • She likes that they are so big.
  • They are cuddly.
  • She can cuddle them while reading one of the books.

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