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My Little Pony POP Toys Are Mix And Match Fun

My Little Pony POP Toys Are Mix Match FunIt is no secret that Aaliyah loves her My Little Pony toys. And when I say love I mean looooove. She loves all of the characters and loves to discover new cutie marks. I recently picked up some My Little Pony POP toys and we had a ton of fun creating some new characters as well as building the characters we already love. Make sure you check out the video near the end of this post.

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My Little Pony POP Toys Are Mix And Match Fun

Hands down the best part of the My Little Pony POP Kits are that you can build the pony any way you want. In the start kits you are given the pieces to create 3 ponies (body, mane, tail) and you can mix them up to create any figures you want. Want a Rarity body with Pinkie Pie’s mane? No problem. Want to create a Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy hybrid? You got it. Aaliyah liked to keep the body pieces that match together but you could create a half and half pony if you wanted to. All of the pieces are interchangeable.

Customizing Your My Little Pony Goes Beyond The Body, Mane And TailMy Little Pony POP Toys Are Mix Match Fun

Each of the My Little Pony POP! Kits come with stickers so you can decorate your pony as much as you like. In the Fluttershy kit some of the stickers are mustaches. Aaliyah has had a lot of fun putting mustaches on her ponies. She also really enjoys making the beautiful with lots of stickers everywhere. At 4-years-old, Aaliyah had some problem pushing the pieces out of the original packaging but she can put the pieces together all on her own.

My Little Pony POP Decorator Kits

I bought 2 different types of kits for Aaliyah. The larger ones were decorator kits. They came with a pony and accessories. These accessories can work with larger My Little Pony playsets. We picked up the  My Little Pony Pop Pinkie Pie Bakery Decorator Kit which came with Pinkie Pie as well as an oven, table, flowers and tea set as well as My Little Pony Pop Fluttershy Cottage Decorator Kit which includes a piano, picture frames, bird cage and butterflys. 

Top Reasons Why Aaliyah Loves Her My Little Pony POP Toys:

  • She loves the My Little Pony shows
  • She likes mix and match them
  • She loves to put stickers on them
  • She can put them together all by herself

My Little Pony POP Toys Mix And Match Fun

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My Little Pony POP Toys Are Mix And Match Fun

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