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Must Have Paw Patrol Chase Toy – Chase’s Spy Cruiser

Must Have Paw Patrol Chase Toy – Chase's Spy CruiserMy house of boys love Chase from Paw Patrol. Chase is always on the case! Chase is one of the most popular Paw Patrol dogs as he is a Police dog (German Shepard) and comes with his very own police car. Chase is more than just a police dog though, he is also a traffic cop and spy dog. We have the ultimate (in my boy’s opinion) Paw Patrol chase toy: Chase’s Spy Cruiser.

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Must Have Paw Patrol Chase Toy – Chase’s Spy Cruiser

Chase’s Spy Cruiser is a fun push and play toy. The wheels allow you to zoom around the house or push him around. Anything with wheels in our house is always put to the test with toy races. Great for ages 3 and up the Spy Cruiser comes with a Chase pup figurine and the spy cruiser vehicle. My favorite part – there are no batteries required.

You Can Play With Chase In The Spy Cruiser Or WithoutPaw Patrol Chase Toy – Chase's Spy Cruiser

Chase is definitely Hudson’s favorite. He was the most recent addition to our Paw Patrol Team. He has a drone on top of the car. At first my son was hoping it would shoot, like the cannons do on our Bucky pirate ship. Although the drone doesn’t shoot, my son has no difficulty using his imagination, so that drone does all sorts of things. I am a little worried that as time goes on, we will loose the drone, but for now, we still have it. It’s safe for younger siblings, with no ‘chokeable’ parts. Although Chase does get chewed on quite often by little brother.

Where To Buy Paw Patrol Chase Toys

We bought our Paw Patrol Spy Cruiser online on Amazon. I love how they deliver right to your door. You also can buy the rest of the Paw Patrols so Chase has a friend (or five).  Right now the Spy Cruiser is on sale for $10.44! With a regular price of less than $15 Chase and his Spy Cruiser is a great bang for your buck/

Do not forget to check out his friends; Marshall, Zuma, Skye, Rubble, Ryder, Everest and Rocky. Each Paw Patroller has their own personality. If you are looking for more Paw Patrol gift ideas make sure you check out Paw Patrol Fash’ems and Skye’s Rocket Ship.

There are different Chase Paw Patrol vehicles and Chase Pup toys. Click the image below for more information.

The top reasons why Hudson loves his Paw Patrol Chase Spy Cruiser toy:

  • He can play with Chase and the car separately.
  • He does not need to wait for the toy to charge as it is not electric.
  • He can play with his brothers with their Paw Patrols.
  • The Spy Cruiser is a good size and can be easily maneuvered.

Best Paw Patrol Chase Toy – Chase's Spy Cruiser

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