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Paw Patrol Fash’ems Is Squishy Fun

Fash'ems Paw PatrolAaliyah is obsessed with Paw Patrol. She loves everything about them – even when they turn into Mer-Pups. We were shopping the other day and when she saw these Paw Patrol Fash’ems she just had to have them. Aaliyah took her pay cheque (what we call allowance) and bought as many as she could. Paw Patrol Fash’ems are squishy fun and perfect for a gift or as a Paw Patrol party favor.

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What Are Fash’ems Toys

Fash’ems (also called Mash’em or Fashems) are small squishy toys that are a few inches tall. They are made of a durable rubber so they can be squished and squashed without breaking. You can also squeeze them and make their faces/eyes bulge.

Mash'em Paw PatrolPaw Patrol Fash’ems

Paw Patrol Fash’ems come in the 6 different Paw Patrol characters: Marshall, Chase, Rocky, Sky, Zuma and Rubble. Rocky is Aaliyah’s favorite as he likes to recycle. Each Paw Patrol has a different skill and personality. If you have a child who likes to be silly I would recommend Marshall (the Dalmation firefighter). Rubble is my favorite. He is a bulldog who drives a bulldozer.

The Mash’ems also come with a bonus carrying case. The case looks like a red egg with flattened ends. Aaliyah really likes to put them into their ‘eggs’ and have to guess who is in each one before she opens them.

Our Paw Patrol Fash’ems have also been on many cave (laundry basket) adventures. Because of their size they are extremely portable and can be played just about anywhere.

The Mash’ems we purchased were part Paw Patrol Fash'emsof the Series 1 set. They are surprisingly durable and you can see more in our video below. One of her favorite activities is throwing them against the ground as they give a little bounce. They have been thrown against carpet and hardwood and there have been no marks left on either type of flooring.

Where To Buy Fash’Ems

The Paw Patrol Fash’emswe bought were sold individually and not in a multi-pack. The ones we bought were also not in blind packs. We could see which ones we were purchasing. The blind packs are so much more fun!  They are available on Amazon.

There are many different types of Fash’ems including Frozen, My Little Pony and Disney. You can collect them all.

The top reasons why Aaliyah loves her Paw Patrol Fash’ems:

  • She loves the Paw Patrol series
  • They are nice and squishy
  • She can play with them every day in new adventures
  • The Fash’ems are durable and can withstand her playtime


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