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Must Have Paw Patrol Skye Toys – Skye’s Rocket Ship

Paw Patrol Skye Toys - Skye's Rocket ShipPaw Patrol Skye toys are very in demand in my house full of boys. They love that Skye can fly and that she is very bright and colorful. Our Paw Patrol Skye’s Rocket Ship is one of the toys they are always fighting over. It does not hurt that she comes with a very cool rocket ship.

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Paw Patrol Skye Toys – Skye’s Rocket Ship

The Paw Patrol Skye’s Rocket Ship is a fun push and play toy. The wheels allow you to zoom around the house or push her around. Anything with wheels in our house is always put to the test with toy races.

You Can Play With Skye In The Rocket Ship Or Without

Skye can be played with inside her rocket ship or outside of it. The ship has a swing arm that holds Skye so she can fly 360-degrees around her ship! This means there are a lot of options for adventures. As you can see in the photos Skye is a good size so she is very easy for little hands to play with. She is also easy to see for those times her adventures go to far and she winds up missing in action.

Must Have Paw Patrol Skye Toys - Skye's Rocket Ship

Where To Buy Paw Patrol Skye Toys

We bought our Paw Patrol Skye Rocket Ship online on Amazon. I love how they deliver right to your door. You also can buy the rest of the Paw Patrols so Skye has a friend (or five).  Skye and her rocket ship costs around $13. The perfect price point for a birthday gift.

Do not forget to check out her friends; Marshall, Zuma, Chase, Rubble, Ryder, Everest and Rocky. Each Paw Patroller has their own personality. If you are looking for more Paw Patrol gift ideas make sure you check out Paw Patrol Fash’ems.

There are different Paw Patrol vehicles. Click the image below for more information.

The top reasons why Hudson loves his Paw Patrol Skye toy:

  • He can sleep with them.
  • He likes that she can fly in the sky.
  • He can play with his brothers with their Paw Patrols.
  • The rocket ship has an arm so Skye can fly around the ship.

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