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Shopkins Food Fair Canisters Are The Best Blind Items Yet!

Shopkins Food Fair Canisters Are The Best Blind ItemsAaliyah has been playing with so many Grossery Gang toys lately that I thought maybe, just maybe she was over Shopkins. I was wrong. I picked up a few Shopkins Food Fair Canisters on a whim a few weeks ago and they are just the best blind packages yet. She is now using Shopkins in her Grossery Gang playset.

So what makes the Food Fair canisters the best yet? For me it is all about style and value. I will get into more details below but if you are in a hurry you can Grab The Shopkins Food Fair Canisters and see for yourself.

Shopkins Food Fair Canisters Are The Best Blind Items Yet!

Shopkins Food Fair CanistersFood Fair Canisters Work Double Duty

I am not going to lie to you. I am a small child at heart. This is why I love My Toy Planet. I get just as excited as Aaliyah does when she discovers a new toy. Especially is that something is shiny. The Food Fair canisters are a nice translucent¬†blue with silver glitter infused in it. Not only can you store your shopkins in it (and bonus can see whats inside) but the canisters also become part of the playtime. With the Shopkins ‘S’ and other nice details such as a rounded topper Aaliyah pretends she works at a candy shop. The canisters are also stackable – perfect for storage.

Shopkins Food Fair Characters Are High Quality

We have bought a lot of blind bag items and tiny toys for our collection and not all of them are the greatest quality. With Shopkins you know you are always getting a good toy with beautiful detailing. The Food Fair characters in particular were gorgeous. If you watch the video below you will hear me commenting on whether these were bigger than the average Shopkins. They aren’t. But the level of detailing and the shape of the Shopkins really stood out. Their are less Food Fair characters to collect than in a regular season of Shopkins.

Shopkins Food Fair Canisters Are The Best Blind Items Yet!Two In One Means Lots Of Fun

Each Food Fair Canister contains 2 mystery Shopkins. This means that every Shopkin comes with a friend! If you do not have any Shopkins yet, you will have two for your child (or you) to play with. As I write this Aaliyah is beside me, sitting at her desk walking two of the Shopkins around. There also may have been a Food Fair dance party.

Amazon Description:

  • Shopkins food fair blind mystery bucket

Top Reasons Why Aaliyah Loves Her Shopkins Food Fair Canisters:

  • They are all yummy food
  • I love all of them
  • I love the blue canisters and that there is glitter
  • All of the colors are fun and bright

Shopkins Food Fair Canisters Are The Best Blind Items Yet!

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