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Splashlings Medical Clinic With Bonus Exclusive Splashlings

Splashlings Medical Clinic With Bonus Exclusive SplashlingsCan we talk about kids toys for a moment? Remember when you were younger and thought all of the toys were awesome? I am having that same feeling now. Aaliyah shows me the cutest toys and I get that ‘oh my goodness this is so AWESOME’ feeling all over again. Case in point the Splashlings Medical Clinic playset.

Aaliyah was gifted the Splashlings Medical Center from a good friend of mine, Ann. She is a blogger too. She has an amazing blog which is geared towards grown-ups who like to travel and keep going no matter what life sends your way.

So excited you just want to play with it yourself? Buy the Splashlings Medical Clinic on Amazon.

Splashlings Medical Clinic With Bonus Exclusive Splashlings

Splashlings Medical Clinic With Bonus Exclusive SplashlingsSplashlings Clinic Is Under The Sea Fun

The Splashlings Medical Clinic has everything you need to take care of any of your sick Splashlings. This under the sea doctors office looks like it would be at home at the bottom of the ocean. With coral details and transparent glitter blue backdrop you can pretend you are under the sea.

 Splashlings Mermaid Medical Clinic – With 2 Bonus Splashlings

Splashlings Medical Clinic

  • Even Splashlings Need Medical Care Sometimes
  • The Medical Clinic Is The Undersea Doctors Office
  • Comes With Two Bonus Splashlings – Surgeon and Nurse
  • Play With Your Splashlings And Mermaids And Diagnose Them
  • Comes With X Ray Machine, Weigh And Measure Station And Hospital Bed (On Wheels)
  • There Is A Second Story Nap Station For Your Tired Splashlings
  • Bonus: 3 Accessories: needle, thermometer, and reflex hammer.

Splashlings Medical Clinic With Bonus Exclusive Splashlings

splashlings-medical-clinic-x-rayTreat Your Sick Splashlings

Oh no! Your Splashlings got sick. That’s ok, with the Medical Clinic playset you can treat everything from a broken bone to a minor cold. Equipped with a F.I.S.H. scan machine you are able to see an x-ray of what is happening inside the body and check for broken bones. There is also a measure and weigh station to ensure your Splashings are healthy. Aaliyah’s favorite treatment area is the hospital bed. Not only is it a great place to see your patient but the hospital bed is on wheels! All of the stations are removable so your sick Splashlings can be treated from anywhere.

See the Splashlings Medical Clinic in action with the video below:

Splashlings Medical Clinic With Bonus Exclusive SplashlingsComplete Your Splashlings Collection With Exclusive Splashlings

One of my favorite thing about collectible toys playsets is the bonus exclusive characters. Bring your other Splashlings to the clinic and they can be treated by Sturgeon Surgeon and Nurse Shark. In bright purple and pink these Splashings characters are super cute. I also love how they are both female characters. I think it is important for Aaliyah to have toys which inspire her. While she may never be a fish, she can become a surgeon or nurse one day.

Looking for more Splashlings to play with at the Medical Clinic? Pick up one of these packs.

Top Reasons Why Aaliyah Loves Her Splashlings Medical Clinic:

  • I love playing with the doctor and nurse.
  • The x-ray machine is awesome!
  • I like to give the toys needles.
  • The fish are very cute.

Splashlings Medical Clinic With Bonus Exclusive Splashlings

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