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Super Surprise Fun – Blind Pack Toys

Super Surprise Fun - Blind Pack Toys MinionDo you remember those surprise bag they used to sell at convenience stores in the 90’s? For $1 or 50¢ you could get a blue and white striped bag full of cheap toys and candy. Instead of these surprise bags, kids nowadays buy blind packs. Blind packs are the next level of surprise bags. The child knows what theme the pack is but not what character they will get. Blind pack toys have all of the excitement of not knowing exactly what you will get but with the guarantee that the character will be from the theme.

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Super Surprise Fun – Blind Pack Toys

In the video below you can see Aaliyah opening some different blind packs. She opens a Minion blind pack, Thomas The Train Mini blind pack and My Little Pony blind pack.

Your Favorite Characters Come In a Blind PackSuper Surprise Fun - Blind Pack Toys My Little Pony


One of Aaliyah’s favorite things about blind packs is there are so many to collect. Shopkins blind packs and Minecraft blind packs are some of the most popular. In our house, we love to keep all of our blind packs (with packaging) in a box. That way we can see which ones we have and which ones we hope to get in the future.



Liked The Blind Packs In The Video? Here Is What We Opened.

Blind Packs Come In Bags And Plastic ‘Eggs’

There are two common ways I see blind packs packaged: in bags and plastic containers that look similar to eggs. My preference? The ones that come in the plastic eggs. The reason is simple. Aaliyah repackages her blind packs in the eggs and mixes them around. All that excitement that they had when they first opened it comes back. She guesses Super Surprise Fun - Blind Pack Toys Thomas The Train Miniswhat will be in the egg and sees if she is correct. With the bags once they are opened they are not able to be repackaged.

Where To Buy Blind Pack Toys

We bought our blind pack toys online on Amazon. I love how they deliver right to your door. They also have a huge selection and I mean HUGE. In stores, you can generally find 3-5 varieties but on Amazon there are hundreds.

The top reasons why Aaliyah loves her blind pack toys:

  • She can collect her favorite figures.
  • She has a lot of interest and there is a toy for each one.
  • She loves to guess what is inside.
  • They are small so she can bring the toys anywhere.

Super Surprise Fun - Blind Pack Toys

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