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The Best Outdoor Trampoline For One Child

The Best Outdoor Trampoline For One ChildAaliyah is our only child. Having one kid is great but can make some things a bit more difficult. Buying her a trampoline is one example. Aaliyah loves to bounce – what kid doesn’t? When we were looking for the best outdoor trampoline we initially looked at large ones. The issue with them is the ones we could find are not made for adults. The maximum weight on most large trampolines is 200 lbs. The three of us (husband, Aaliyah and myself) would not be able to jump at the same time. Instead, we decided to buy the best small trampoline we could find. Find out why we choose the 55′ My First Trampoline by Trainor Sports below.

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The Best Outdoor Trampoline For One Child

Trampolines Are Fun But Saftey Is First

The Best Outdoor Trampoline For One ChildAaliyah loves the My First Trampoline but honestly as long as she can bounce on it, she loves all trampolines. The real decision making was left to us parents. The My First Trampoline has all of the safety bases covers. The poles are covered in foam and the connectors are a thick, rounded plastics. There is also a nice tall netting which aside from adding safety is also provides some protection from the sun (it is also UV resistant).
Along the base of the trampoline is a cover which adds protection from the webbing. We do not need to worry about Aaliyah hurting her feet when she jumps. If you click through the My First Trampoline links from the USA the design of the trampoline is a little different than the one in my pictures – it is red instead of blue for example. Looking at the American version the trampoline does have all of the same safety features except the US version has added netting along the feet.

 My First Trampoline Combo – 55″

My First Trampoline Combo – 55″

  • 55″ Diameter Trampoline
  • Full Coverage Frame Pad
  • Convenient Velcro Entryway
  • Padded Steel Enclosure Frame Poles
  • Easy To Assemble
  • UV Resistant Jumping Mat For Extra Durability
  • Unique Enclosure Design Helps Prevent Landing On Frame

The Best Outdoor Trampoline For One Child

Tips For Installing An Outdoor Trampoline

The Best Outdoor Trampoline For One ChildThe My First Trampoline was easy to install but I could not have done it myself. The webbing is very tight (it needs to be to be springy) but I was not strong enough to pull it by myself. My husband could have done it all on his own but I like helping. All of the poles and pieces were very well marked which made installation much easier. Aaliyah loved that she could separate and organize all of the pieces by number.

Here are a few tips to make your installation of the My First Trampoline as easy as possible. Everything you need to install the trampoline is in the box however we used a cordless drill to speed up the process. Also, you will want to have a pair of gloves and locking pliers. James used the pliers to help pull the cords and it gave him some extra ‘oomph’. He did not wear gloves and his hands were getting sweaty (read slippery). Gloves would have made the process even easier.

When you buy the My First Trampoline pick up these tools too:

The Best Outdoor Trampoline For One ChildA Trampoline For Indoor And Outdoor Fun

One of the best bonuses with picking a smaller trampoline over a larger one is that you can use it indoors as well. Having only one child this is a huge bonus. We can bring the trampoline indoors when the snow starts to fall. Aaliyah can play with it in her play room and get rid of that extra energy that builds up when it’s cold outside. To fit past the doorway we will need to remove the netting but that is an easy fix. Remove a few screws and you are good to go.

Top Reasons Why Aaliyah Loves Her Trampoline:

  • I like to jump in different ways (jump to her bum, jump on one foot etc).
  • I like to bounce.
  • It is lots of fun.
  • It is just my size.

The Best Outdoor Trampoline For One Child


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