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Twozies Toy Fun! Mystery Packs And Ice Cream Playsets

Twozies Toy - RileyHave you heard of Twozies yet? Oh my goodness … they are the cutest blind bags and little figures we have ever seen. Twozies toys are made by the same company that created Shopkins. Shopkins and Twozies both have a collection factor but that is where the similarities end. Twozies are two together – a baby and an animal. You can collect the matching babies with their animal counterparts but you never know which ones you are going to get.

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Twozies Toy - ZendyCommon, Rare, Ultra-Rare And Special Edition Twozies

Just like with Shopkins and other toys like this, Twozies come in common, rare, ultra-rare and special edition figures. When you are purchasing the blind packs the common figures will be easier to get while the ultra-rare and special editions will be harder. In the series one Twozies the ultra-rare figures are neon and very cool. The neon colors are so bright and fun. There are also metallic special edition figures hidden in the packages as well.

Twozies Toy Fun! Mystery Packs And Ice Cream Playsets

We have bought our fair share of Twozies in the past few weeks. We have purchased three different types; Twozies Suprise Pack, Twozies Twogether Pack and Twozies Two-Cool Ice-Cream Playset. Each have their own merits which I will explain below but if you want to see them all in action we will be having a Mystery Box Monday Youtube video on our My Toy Planet channel very soon.

Twozies Suprise Pack

Twozies Surprise Packs are the cheapest of the options. It is a true blind pack because you have no idea which characters you will get. The surprise pack includes a shadow box (for displaying your figures), a baby and an animal figure. I love and I mean seriously L-O-V-E that Twozies come with shadowboxes. They are cute and can be mounted on the wall so you keep your figures on display.

Twozies Twogether Pack

Twozies Twogether packs do not come with a shadowbox but do have 6 babies and 6 animals. The biggest positive for the twogether pack is that you will get a matching baby and animal set. This is a huge bonus if your child really wants to get matches. Also, you can see about half of the figures you will get so you can pick and choose characters that you do not already have. You will still be getting 5 figures which are blind and will be in blind packs.

Twozies Two-Cool Ice-Cream Playset

Twozies Two-Cool Ice-Cream playset is a bit different from the other two Twozies products I have talked about. The main event is not the figures but rather the ice-cream cart playset. The playset comes with an icecream cart that slides out and can fit around 6 Twozies sitting side by side. It also comes with little icecream accessories and a large shadowbox. The set does include 4 exclusive Twozies figures that you will not find in any other Twozies toy: 2 babies and two cows.

Twozies Ice Cream Cart

Top Reasons Why Aaliyah Loves Her Twozies Toys:

  • She loves the different types of animals
  • She is proud when she gets the ulra-rares and is happy when she gets them
  • She thinks all the facial expressions are funny
  • She loves learning all of their names
  • She thinks the animals are funny

Twozies Toy Fun! Mystery Packs And Ice Cream Playsets

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